Short Biography of Jawahir A. Farah

Jawahir A. Farah has been a teacher in the London Borough of Ealing, U.K for 24 years. After retirement in 2014 she created a charity for the deaf children/adults in remote areas of Somalia opening two schools for the deaf. She is now the director of the Charity called `Somali Simma for Education, Culture and Skills and campaigns extensively for the right of the disable people.


She is also an author, self publisher and writes mainly for primary age children.


In 1966 Jawahir was a British council student in a teacher’s training college in Bristol where she earned her teaching diploma.


In 1970 she was granted a Batchelor of Science Degree (African Studies and Social science), in Boston University, USA.


From 1970-1980 she went on to teach , became an officer of the Examination  board , a member of the curriculum office designing and writing history and geography text books for Somali schools, of the then Somali Democratic Republic.



From 1974-1976  Jawahir was also a news broadcaster for Radio Mogadisho – English branch


In 1986 she arrived in the UK, with husband (formerly cultural attaché & UNESCO representative, Somali Embassy, Paris), and 5 children as a political refugee fleeing from the military regime in Somalia.


In 1990 she was the first Somali teacher in the London Borough of Ealing teaching refugee children, from nursery level through high school. Jawahir has been an EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher and a senior teacher in the department of Education in the UK.


Realizing the need to develop resources for the early EAL pupils in the UK she produced a Somali-English dictionary in 1992.


Her currently published bilingual books include:

  1. Somali Games for Children (Somali only)
  2. Somali Rhyme and Action Games (Bilingual)
  3. The Life Cycle of a Somali Nomadic Girl (Bilingual)
  4. The Life Cycle of a Somali Nomadic Boy (Bilingual)
  5. Story of How the Sky Was Made (Bilingual)
  6. A Jigsaw Puzzle of Nomadic Dad and child (To order)
  7. The Hunting Chant (To order)
  8. Counting Chant (One to Ten)   (To order)
  9. Children’s Lullabies                     (To order).

Collection of books to be published soon include:

  1. Dictionary of Somali Names
  2. Somali Proverbs
  3. Short stories
  4. Picture books
  5. Somali Jigsaw Puzzles
  6. Babies and toddlers books
  7. Somali Women’s Literature


         Contact Tel: 07565528253