About Us

The Horn Publisher provides educational, challenging and relevant resources for the worldwide multilingual and multicultural schools. It’s bilingual English/Somali books are curriculum linked and focus on the EAL pupils, teachers, parents and the various institutions that cater for children and their parents. 

The Horn Publisher is owned by Jawahir Farah an author, publisher, storyteller and teacher with over 40 years of teaching and over 30 years of writing. 

Jawahir believes that the early years of childhood are the foundation for later life and the provision of high quality material in these early years is a worthwhile long term investment for the future.

Children need to see and be exposed to the work of successful role models that they can relate to; role models that guide and instil believe that they themselves will have a future all bright and glory.

The Horn Publisher produces books based on high positive profile to children from an ethnic minority group to share with ALL children of the world to boost high self-esteem, enjoyment and create a positive atmosphere of understanding and cooperation.

The Horn Publisher produces books that use simple engaging language and primary bold colours. These books are based on believe that children should be valued for who they are and their culture and heritage be respected.

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